A Moment with God on Route 66
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Listen: Moments With God on Route 66


Back in the day when most women were homemakers, when a husband retired, the wife thought of it as “twice...


Looking back through history, I am always amazed at what men have done to one another in the name of...


These words are definitely worth considering: Being virtuous does not always demand a heavy sacrifice—but...


Have you ever noticed that when a radio or television commercial uses the word “save,” it’s usually a...


E. W. Howe was an American writer in the early twentieth century, known for his wry observations about life....


In talking about the limitations of science, one commentator wrote, “When science finishes putting men up...


When I read that one’s reputation for a thousand years can be determined by the conduct of one hour, I...

The Bible

You probably know what Mark Twain once said about the Bible—that most people are bothered by the parts of...

God's Best

All of us have tried the “seafood diet”—we “see food” and we eat it.


I once heard someone ask a thought-provoking question: “Does a deceived man know that he is deceived?”

Wisdom and Peace

If you are facing a challenging decision or situation today, consider praying the beautifully simple prayer ...

Settling Disputes

American humorist Will Rogers once wrote that “any time a man can’t come and settle with you without...


You’ve heard this expression: “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”


There’s no getting around the fact that talking is necessary.


Depending on your age, you may remember the book published by the famous psychiatrist, Karl Menninger, in...


Have you heard this modern retelling of the parable of the Good Samaritan?

God's Will

Mark Twain once said that there are two times in a man’s life when he shouldn’t speculate with his money:...


Lord John Morley—who listened to many speeches as a member of the British Parliament—said three things...

The Mind

Most professional football fans know the name of Norm van Brocklin, a famous player and coach. Nicknamed...

Life and Death

I have some great health news.


I read this observation about young people starting out in business: “If at first you do succeed, it’s...


I once read that, “The worst part of having success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”


Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of street lamps in Philadelphia.


The American comedic actress, Lisa Kirk, made a wise observation about what people talk about.


Did you hear about the man who tried to pay his annual income taxes with a smile?


Mark Twain once wrote, “There is no use in walking five miles to go fishing when you can depend on being...


We hear a lot today about alternative forms of energy, including water power.


Here’s a profound question for you to ponder: What happens when the human body is submerged up to its neck...


A prominent American journalist made an observation that caused me to stop and think.


Robert Orben is an American humorist who wrote, “We have enough people who tell it like it is—now we could...


Someone has said that when you are right you can afford to hold your temper, and when you are wrong, you...