A Moment with God on Route 66
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Listen: Moments With God on Route 66


The legendary Hollywood movie producer, Samuel Goldwyn, once reflected on an idea he had.


Author and social researcher Clay Shirky estimates that a person born in 1960—has watched more than 50,000...


No one has embraced the new GPS navigation technology more enthusiastically than boaters.

Being a Witness

In courtroom trials you’ll hear the attorneys say, “Objection! Calls for speculation by the witness!”


In her book, The Taste for Civilization, professor Janet Flammang laments the decline in venues that...

Overcoming pain

Most personal fitness trainers agree: After a particularly painful workout or athletic exertion, when your...


A friend of mine lives in one of a dozen states that require residents to declare the dollar amount of...


Laurence J. Peter is famous for the “Peter Principle,” which says that people who work competently get...


I read a piece of sound advice about saving: It says, “The two most important things about your income are: ...


Everyone wants to be remembered after they’re gone.


The best way to think about community is to think about the word that community is built on—the word...


The eighteenth-century English statesman, Edmund Burke, made this arresting observation:


Sometimes we develop inflated views of our importance in this world.


A jaded individual once said, “If you want to see how much impact you really make, stick your finger into a ...


The economy in Will Roger’s day must have been sort of like our own.


Educator and author Laurence J. Peter once said that the value of taking an intelligence test is that we...


A major dental research organization once published a study that showed that chocolate is actually...

Divine Appointments

Almost everyone uses some sort of calendar to keep track of their appointments.


Occasionally we find ourselves in a humbling situation: We encounter someone who has less intelligence than ...

Eternal Worth

You’ve heard all the sayings: “You can’t take it with you,” and “You’ve never seen a hearse pulling a...

Trusting God

Did you hear about the guy whose friends gave him the nickname “Jigsaw?”


See if you agree with me that Mark Twain missed the mark a little with these words.


Arnold Bennett was an early twentieth-century British novelist and journalist who said something he must...

God's Love

A famous theologian once lectured at an Ivy League university.


On September 3, 2007, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were six-point-six billion people in the...

Jumping to Conclusions

Eddie Cantor, the American actor and comedian, said he was not an athlete but was an expert at one very...


Comedian Norm Crosby made this observation about being a defendant in a court trial: “When you go into...


It was Mark Twain who said, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and APPEAR stupid than to open it and...


Everyone is familiar with Goodwill Industries—the place where you take your gently-used possessions so they ...

Knowledge of God

It has often been said that the more we study, the more we discover we don’t know.