A Moment with God on Route 66
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Innocence of Children

Kids really do say the funniest things.


Here’s a quiz for you: What do we call people with grey hair, empty wallets, calloused knees, and dented...


Have you seen this bumper sticker? It says, “You can’t scare me—I have kids!”


Parents are the conduits by which the stuff of life is transferred from one generation to the next.


After a visit to America, Edward, the British Duke of Windsor, remarked that what impressed him the most...


See if you agree with this definition of parents: “Parents are people who have pictures in their wallets...

Parenting Adolescents

Parents are always amazed at how their children change when they move from childhood to adolescence.


A whole generation of children in the mid-twentieth century were raised on the advice of the pediatrician,...


Here are some great thoughts about raising children.


Author Josh Billings wrote these good words, echoing a verse of Scripture: “To bring up a child in the way...


Before the days of formal education, children learned a trade or skill by means of apprenticeship.

Christmas: Needs v. Wants

A friend of mine grew up in a small town where, every year at Christmas, the local newspaper printed...

Christmas Story

A little girl was at the mall to see Santa Claus.

Christmas: Giving

I once read that, with regard to Christmas, every man goes through three stages in life. First, he BELIEVES ...

Christmas: Sacrifice

A mother and her little boy went to the local mall a few days before Christmas so the child could pick out...

Christmas All Year

A man was arraigned in court on a burglary charge.

Christmas: Debt

Someone has called Christmas the time when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.

Christmas: Worship

A writer named Susan Perlman speculated about how things would have been different if the three wise men...

Christmas Gifts

Someone has observed that there is a big difference between the Christmas gifts we receive today and God’s...

Christmas: Reason for the Season

People miss the true meaning of Christmas for lots of reasons.

Christmas: Omniscience

We’ve all heard the Christmas song that says, “He’s making a list, checking it twice, ‘gonna find out who’s ...

Christmas: Omnipresence

I once read some crazy numbers that someone worked out about how fast Santa Claus would have to travel to...

Christmas: Omnipotence

When I read some numbers about the physics involved in Santa Claus moving enough toys around the world to...

Christmas Fruit

The late British preacher, John R. W. Stott, pointed out the difference between a fruit tree and a...

Christmas: Incarnation

We have become so used to celebrating Christmas that we sometimes lose sight of what it’s is all about:...

Christmas: Before and After

The letters B.C. and A.D. summarize the importance of the first Christmas.

The Race

Comedienne Lily Tomlin said this about the “rat race” of life: The trouble with the rat race, she said, is...


Here’s one of life’s great problems: There are too many books to read and too little time to read them.

Graceful Speech

I have heard that, when one is having a difficult conversation with another person, the best way to get...


Here’s something I’ve discovered through the years when talking with people: There’s the GOOD reason, and...


It is said that when the great John Wesley died—Wesley, the founder of the Methodist branch of...