A Moment with God on Route 66
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Read: A Moment with God on Route 66
Today's Inspirational Reading:


In February, two thousand thirteen, the United States Postal Service decided to stop Saturday delivery of first-class mail as a way to curb costs. I don’t know anything about what it costs to deliver mail, but I do know something about managing money. And when expenses exceed revenue, limits on spending have to be set.

God is in favor of limits—not only in balancing budgets but in all areas of life. When we learn to live within God’s limits, life suddenly becomes more enjoyable and fruitful. If you’re experiencing any unhappiness in life, see if there’s a God-given limit you are exceeding.

This is David Jeremiah encouraging you to get on the road to new life. Discover the value of God’s limits . . . On Route 66.