A Moment with God on Route 66
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Read: A Moment with God on Route 66
Today's Inspirational Reading:

True Wealth

The year 2008 will long be remembered in America as the beginning of the most difficult economic period since the Great Depression. Sadly, many people have lost homes, jobs, and hope. But circumstances like this provide an opportunity to take stock and see exactly how we define wealth.

Someone has said that true wealth is determined by counting the things we possess that money can’t buy—things like love, loyalty, companionship, laughter, faith, hope, joy, friends, gratitude, and many, many more. When the economy turns against us, it’s time to stock up on the things money can’t buy—beginning with God’s love and faithfulness.

This is David Jeremiah encouraging you to get on the road to new life . . . Discover God’s wealth . . . On Route 66.