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Brand New | 365-Day Leather Daily Devotional

Discover God's Greater Purpose For Your Life in 2018

4 Copies of Greater Purpose, a 365-Day Leather Daily Devotional

From the moment of our conception, God had a plan for our lives. Each of us is uniquely created and gifted to fulfill a special purpose in this world. No one else has the exact same calling to fulfill. Sadly, some people look for purpose and meaning in personal possessions or pursuits, but God’s plan fills the void in our lives that nothing else can adquately fill. When we are engaged in the purpose God has called us to, we have joy in the morning and anticipation for the next day when we close our eyes at night.

Greater Purpose Features


365-day devotional

Scripture reference for each devotional

Gift book size

Insights from David Jeremiah

5.25” x 7.25”

Devotions on topics including persecution, worship, service, temptation, and self-discipline

Greater Purpose 365-Day Devotional

What is purpose? Webster defines it as: “Something set up as an object or end to be attained.” In the spiritual sense, it is much more than that simple definition. It is more than an object or goal—it is the pursuit of godliness—to discover the gifts and talents God has given us to use them for His glory. We are, in fact, pursuing blessedness, fulfillment, joy, and an eternal perspective that explains the temporal. It is the highest pursuit, and it is our Greater Purpose.

Discover the Greater Purpose God has for you in the coming year with this 365-day devotional. Plan now to read a devotional each day, to spend time in prayer, and commit to follow God’s plan and His will for you in the coming year.

Brand New | 365-Day Leather Daily Devotional

For Your Family: A Greater Purpose

Due to an overwhelming response, Mission Quest is now on backorder. Request your set today and we will ship it to you as soon as it is back in stock!

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What is more important in the lives of our children and grandchildren than knowing God and His Word? How do they learn it? By reading it and applying the lessons in practical ways.

This year, Turning Point is pleased to present a unique 52-week devotional for children themed around a unique quest—a Mission Quest. The 52 topics were chosen specifically to help your child or grandchild grow in their knowledge of God’s Word, and to learn how to apply those truths.

Here are just some of the topics included in this unique book:

Mission Briefing

Mission 1: The Grand Plan

Mission 2: First Things First

Mission 3: To Eternity and Beyond!

Mission 4: Rocks on the Road

Mission 5: Smashing the Lie Sandwich

Mission 6: The Campfire Liar

Mission 7: Talking to the Commander

Mission 8: Wendy the Ferris Wheel

Mission 9: You Did It for Me?

And many more exciting "quests"...

Learn more about Mission Quest »

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