The Unchanging Word of God

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As Turning Point celebrates thirty years of ministry, we are proud to offer a new signature collection of writings by Dr. Jeremiah, The Unchanging Word of God, a 368-page hardback book containing twenty selected chapters from Dr. Jeremiah's best-loved books.

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Since the inception of the Turning Point for God ministry in 1982, one thing has remained a constant—the commitment to the Word of God. During the past thirty years, Dr. David Jeremiah has devoted this ministry to teaching about The Unchanging Word of God wherever and whenever he has been given the opportunity. Turning Point has grown from a local television telecast and radio program to a ministry that reaches to all parts of the globe today through radio, television, the Internet, books, and live events.

Recognizing God's faithfulness and blessing, Dr. Jeremiah has created this unique book featuring twenty chapters that he has personally selected from his most memorable book that serve as a reminder of The Unchanging Word of God.

Featured chapters include...

  • Lonely Saints
  • Guarding Against Guilt
  • The Joy of Adversity
  • Keep Your Head in the Game and Your Hope in God
  • Staying in Love for Life
  • And many more!

Don't miss the opportunity to have this beautiful hardback book in your personal library.

This special 30th anniversary collection is available now for a gift of any amount. It is not available through bookstores.

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The Unchanging Word of God
The Unchanging Word of God
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A look inside The Unchanging Word of God

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The Unchanging Word of God

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