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And we need your help! For three decades Turning Point has been dedicated to the one thing that does not change: the Word of God. In this time in our history where every vote counts to secure the stability of our society, there is no vote more powerful that you and I could cast than a vote for the Word of God—the only stabilizer our world will know. We need to stand together so the message of the unchanging Word of God does not get drowned out by today's culture. Vote for the unchanging Word of God, today—vote for Turning Point, a ministry committed to proclaiming the unchanging Word.

Your prayer support is urgently needed during this final month of our fiscal year.

Here are a couple key requests we have as we move forward:

  • Raise $650,000 online in support this month.
  • Transformed lives through the 30th Anniversary Collection: The Most Requested Messages of David Jeremiah.
  • Engage readers in God’s truth through The Unchanging Word of God—that people be attentive to God’s Word in their life and that each chapter will lead them to a renewal of their heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
  • Initiate an international ripple effect with the Word of God through our 30th anniversary resources—that they would be shared between friends, family, neighbors, Bible study groups and much more.
  • Strengthen listeners with God’s Word through the television and radio broadcasts.

Our fiscal year ends June 30 and we need your help, today, to successfully achieve our goal.

Your gift will help:

  • Support our new 8:30 a.m. release on Lifetime as well as our other radio and television program releases.
  • Achieve our online goal of $650,000.
  • Take our television and radio programs to millions… and many more through books, resources, and the Internet!

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