Today Is the Day Action Cards

Have you ever procrastinated about making a change in your life?

At some point, we have all been guilty of putting off something that could make a great improvement in our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our spiritual lives—too often what we know we should do is pushed to the back of our "to-do list."

Not anymore… Today Is the Day!

Take action in your faith with the 12 full-colored cards that can easily fit into your Bible.

The Today Is the Day cards are a unique resource from Turning Point designed to help you prioritize your life by putting your relationship with the Lord at the top of the list. In other words, Today Is the Day to make that change.

Each card in this set has an inspirational quote by Dr. Jeremiah and Scripture for each topic to help you be successful in putting "first things first."

Today Is the Day to begin your lifelong habit of applying God's truth in your life.

Today is the day...

  • To Trust the Lord
  • To Study the Word
  • To Fulfill God's Purpose
  • To Worship the Lord
  • To Pray to Your Father
  • To Be Content
  • To Share the Gospel
  • To Grow in Grace
  • To Be a Faithful Steward
  • To Show Compassion
  • To Love Unconditionally
  • To Prepare for His Return

Gain a fresh look at your walk with God and create a Bible-based action plan for living victoriously!

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Today Is the Day Action Cards
Today Is the Day Action Cards Today Is the Day Action Cards Today Is the Day Action Cards Today Is the Day Action Cards
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Today Is the Day Action Cards

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