Grace Unchained

Captured by Grace CD Set

The horrific life of a slave is unknown to most of us. But are we really free?

The truth is, every one of us is born in sin...born to slavery. Millions never escape. But if and when emancipation happens through Jesus is miraculous.

Grace breaks the bondage of sin!

Some Christians still live a life of bondage—they are enslaved to past sin and regret that comes with it, not recognizing it is covered by the blood of Jesus—they do not live in freedom they have in Christ.

I do not want you to go through life without fully understanding God’s grace at work in your own life.

With your generous gift of $75 or more in support of the ministry of Turning Point I would like to send you the entire Captured by Grace ministry resource set.

It has probably never happened to most of us, but it is easy to imagine the terror of being chained to a wall, like an animal, or shackled in a “chain gang” forced to do hard labor.

Renewed insight into the reality of God's grace in your own life...

An inspiring book that unpacks the gift of grace in a fresh new format. This amazing list of blessings are yours through knowing Jesus Christ!

It weaves together Scripture, insightful quotations, and brief but powerful meditations to reveal “grace unchained!”

This book features a beautiful inerweaving of Scripture, quotations, and meditations affirming the greatest gift...God’s grace!

Knowing Jesus offers blessings beyond our wildest dreams. He continues to astonish us with new ways of meeting our needs and restoring our souls. But sometimes we lose touch...we tune out...we get distracted by life...and we need to take a few moments to be still and reflect, to rekindle our gratitude...and receive His peace.

That’s what 101 Things Jesus Has Done For You will help you accomplish!

Get to know Jesus better...draw closer to your life in Christ to the fullest!

101 topics, scripturally indexed for easy reference:

1. Jesus makes us overcomers

2. Jesus gives us the gift of joy

3. Jesus offers us an undying hope

4. Jesus gives us victory

5. Jesus gives our lives meaning and purpose

6. Jesus gives us rest

7. Jesus gives us peace with God

8. Jesus gives us access to the one true God

9. Jesus hears our prayers

10. Jesus challenges us

11. Jesus provides for all our needs

12. Jesus frees us from anxiety

and 89 more!

Experience God's grace in ways you never thought possible

Is there anything you can do that is so bad you can’t be forgiven? Could any of your thoughts or actions put you beyond the reach of God’s love? Here’s the a compelling book by Dr. David Jeremiah.

Dr. Jeremiah takes you on an unforgetable journey through the song “Amazing Grace,” drawing parallels between the life of slave-trader-turned-songwriter John Newton and the life of persecutor-turned-apostle Paul. Both men were confirmed wretches until the grace of God reached them—God’s grace unchained them, and transformed their lives completely!

You’ll encounter this same life-changing grace, in the pages of this powerful and beautifully dramatic book!

Chapters include:

1. The Captivating Presence of Grace

2. The Compassionate Plan of Grace

3. The Converting Power of Grace

4. The Clear Perspective of Grace

5. The Comforting Provisions of Grace

6. The Connecting Point of Grace

7. The Confusing Paradox of Grace

8. The Confident Promise of Grace

9. The Compelling Prospect of Grace

10. The Continual Praise of Grace