How did love change everything for you?

Love CHanges Everything I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and this challenge made me realize that I really have nothing to be anxious or depressed about.

"I've never understood, I guess until this series and challenge, just how much our Lord loves me. I mean I knew He did, but right now I'm overwhelmed with gratitude." -Cris

Love CHanges Everything

Thousands have accepted Dr. Jeremiah’s Love Changes Everything Challenge and are growing in the knowledge of God’s love every day through Turning Point’s radio and television broadcasts.

Here is just a sample of the thousands of stories we have received. To God be the glory!

“After a lot of hardships that has caused me to lose my way and my faith. This has touched my heart again with a sense of Hope to hold on to God no matter what. He has shown me what He has done for me in the past and provided that hope that He will continue His work in my life and my families to the end.” – Kevali

“God's still working on me. I want to be more loving to others. Especially those who differ from me.”

“I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and this challenge made me realize that I really have nothing to be anxious or depressed about. God loved me so much that He died for me, and all, because He has a purpose for me. I gave my life to HIM, I am no longer in control. Now, I just need to get my mind on track with my heart. Thank you for this and for reminding me where I belong.” – Jenni

“I loved challenge #5! It really got me thinking about Love like I hadn't really thought before. While knowing these verses of scripture, reading them slowly and thinking about each verse, gave them more meaning. I can view life differently! More like thru the eyes of our Lord! I get a different perspective on life and those in my life and around me.” – Lisa

“This challenge took me a couple of weeks to complete. It is very easy to let life get in the way of our Christian witness but the challenge to share my testimony was both freeing and encouraging.”

“I used this challenge as an opportunity to repent and apologize to my sister for many hurting times between us. I let her know how much I love her and what a blessing she is to me. It was a very hard thing to let go of the past pain, but very cleansing. Thank you for this challenge.” -Julie

“I work with abused and abandoned high boys. There is one boy that is impossible to love on my own. Only through God's love am I able to continue to build a relationship with him. In myself I would rather push him away like all other humans in his life have done. Praying for him to see Jesus through me to then earn the privilege of sharing the salvation message. Thank you for this reminder.” - Carrie

“Recently I have been coasting. God's not finished with me. No more coasting, I have a story to tell lost people. A loving God sent a savior, Jesus. I know, He saved me. My prayer life and bible study are passionate again, AND so is my testimony about our loving Father. Time is brief!”

“Contemplating His plan of redemption, the hour he rescued me from sin and Saved my soul, that He loved me enough to sacrifice His life for mine has touched me in a profound way today! This challenge has strengthened my faith as I desire to be more like Him and less like me! Thank you Dr. Jeremiah for offering the Love Challenge!”

Turning Point’s ministry is a response of love to the God who first loved us.

Join the thousands who are already taking the Love Changes Everything Challenge and remind yourself of who God is: The God who loves.