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I Am Discouraged and Depressed

Learn to Live in the Presence of Angels



Our culture is fascinated by the supernatural.

Werewolves, zombies, vampires… these fantastical, supernatural beings dominate the top of the box office and bestseller lists.

But none of these creatures are real.

The truth is, angels are the only supernatural beings that actually exist in this world, and the Bible tells us everything we should know about them.

"Once we honestly investigate the amazing things Scripture tells us about angels, we actually find ourselves drawn closer to God."
—Dr. Jeremiah

Now you can discover reliable, eye-opening truth in Angels: Who They Are and How They Help... What the Bible Reveals. Here, Dr. Jeremiah separates fact from fiction with an in-depth, biblical look at angels.

Finally you can find rock-solid Bible-based answers to your questions:

  • Who and what are angels?
  • What is their role in God’s plan?
  • Are they present?
  • Do they appear?
  • Do they give us personal insight?
  • And many more...

Angels will inspire you, and strengthen your faith—and maybe even surprise you!

Anyone who goes into a study of angels with a high view of God will come away with an even higher view. That, in fact, is the one and only aim of this book: that you might draw closer to God through a greater understanding of His divine power and plan for you.

Table of Contents

  • 1
    What In the World Are Angels Doing?
  • 2
    In The Presence of Angels — Part I
  • 3
    In The Presence of Angels — Part II
  • 4
    The Angels and God
  • 5
    What Angels Are
  • 6
    When Angels Appear
  • 7
    The Angels And Us: How Much Alike?
  • 8
    Angels You've Heard About (And More)
  • 9
    The Greatest Angel
  • 10
    Showing Us How To Worship
  • 11
    Showing Us How To Work
  • 12
    Coming To Carry Me Home
  • 13
    Hell's Angels
  • 14
    The Angels and Jesus
  • Source Notes
  • Indexes

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