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For 30 years, Turning Point has been faithfully declaring "the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27). And through the years, we've heard from those of you who have been touched by one of Dr. Jeremiah's messages and inspired to grow in your walk with God. As a way to commemorate 30 years of ministry, we've created special collections of Dr. Jeremiah’s most requested messages. Perhaps it was a message that dealt with a tough question that Dr. Jeremiah addressed or a hard to understand spiritual topic like prophecy. Maybe you have a favorite character in the Bible that you enjoyed learning about.

These anniversary collections give you an opportunity to enjoy the very best of Dr. Jeremiah and Turning Point. Each series collection contains carefully chosen messages that we hope will inspire, strengthen, and challenge your walk with God as you grow in your understanding of the Bible.

Prophetic Turning Points

Prophetic Turning PointsDr. Jeremiah's teachings on prophecy are among the highest-impact series we have presented through the years, encouraging thousands of souls to trust the Lord! Prophetic Turning Points is a special collection of 12 messages from 7 of these series that gives you a complete panorama of prophecy.

Perhaps you are one of the many who has been touched by one of these prophetic series: Handwriting on the Wall, Escape the Coming Night, What in the World Is Going On?, or The Coming Economic Armageddon. These messages have proven to be the best "wake-up call" for the unsaved and they powerfully communicate to Christians desiring a deeper understanding of prophecy.

30th Anniversary Collection: The Most Requested Messages of David Jeremiah

Next we considered what our listeners had most often requested to hear and created our 30th Anniversary Collection: The Most Requested Messages of David Jeremiah. This special collection represents the 30 messages that are "most requested" by our Turning Point listeners—messages that were truly life-changing and helped you deal with an issue that transformed your life and family.

30 Amazing People

In our final collection, 30 Amazing People, Dr. Jeremiah teaches from the lives of 30 Bible "heroes" and "heroines" who exemplified life-changing faith. These are men and women in the Bible whose faithful testimonies inspire us to be more like Christ.

It is our hope that you will be inspired once again by the messages in these special CD collections as Turning Point celebrates 30 years of Bible Strong ministry and continues to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.

Turning Point, 30 Years of Ministry
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Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry

Prophetic Turning Points

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