God Loves You book

God Loves You book

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You can do nothing—nothing—to make God love you less than He does now. He loves you with a perfect love, unconditional and unchanged by anything you have done, are doing, or will do in the future.

“Out of the 50+ books I have written, if I had to choose just one to share with someone—believers and non-believers alike—I would share God Loves You because of its foundational importance…”

-David Jeremiah

If this sounds unbelievable, you are exactly who Dr. David Jeremiah had in mind when he felt called to write God Loves You: He Always Has—He Always Will. Firmly based in Scripture and vividly illustrated by historical and contemporary stories of God’s love in action, this book will open your eyes to the life-changing truth of God’s lavish love for you. You will find not only assurance that God loves you no matter what, but also encouragement to extend that love to a world so desperately in need of it.

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The Complete CD or DVD Set

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Built upon a steady foundation of Scripture and brought to life by historical and contemporary examples of love in action, this complete study set will help you truly grasp that God loves you no matter what and equip you to extend that love to everyone you encounter.

This complete study set includes:

  1. God Loves You book
  2. The original messages on your choice of CD or DVD
  3. The correlating study guide
  4. Love Changes Everything bookmark

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The Evangelism Pack of 4

The Evangelism Pack, $75+ Donation

Share copies of God Loves You with friends and family! God Loves You is a message of universal scope. Believers will find assurance of God’s love even as we make mistakes and fall short of His standards, and unbelievers will encounter the incredible truth of God’s love for them and His plan of salvation.