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Our worship flows from grateful hearts as well as from obedience. Throughout the Bible, we find that worship is no more an option than eating or breathing. If you don't truly worship, you'll never experience God. God is to be praised, blessed, gloried in, rejoiced in, exalted, feared, extolled, and thanked. Our Lord is to be loved with all our hearts, souls, and minds. Stop worshipping and you'll die spiritually.
When you ask Christ to be the Lord of your life, you become an adopted son or daughter of God. Through Christ's death on the cross, you receive a relationship that allows you to go right into God's presence. God will open Himself to you when you worship. The wonder of worship is the wonder of His very real presence—wonder that washes out the darkness of death this life contains. Rediscover the innocence of childhood as you praise God's name. Your bowed head, humbled heart, and attentive spirit open the door to heaven.

Worship in church is essential, but so is your personal, ongoing worship. Incorporate worship into every moment of your day. Music is an excellent place to start: "Let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation" (Psalm 95:1). Let's sing to the Lord because music expresses our adoration, attracts people—and because we absolutely can't help it!
You will take away from your worship the equivalent of what you've brought to it. So, ask God to show you how to give all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength to your praise and worship. Our worship happens not simply through hearing but through being wholly involved in all that goes on. Worship isn't a spectator sport, but a contact sport. Each one of us is present to come into contact with the Spirit of God. And when you do, I guarantee you'll be more refreshed than the most invigorating swim you've ever had.
God is love, and coming to know Him better, coming to worship Him more constantly, means becoming more and more immersed in that love. You will overflow from the outpouring of God's love, and all those around you will feel it. God will love you with a love that molds and sculpts you into a new creature who resembles Christ more each day. You'll love people—all people—as Christ loves them. You'll even love yourself more deeply because GOD LOVES YOU.
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