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Effort Counts

January 20, 2018

Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying: “Behold, a sower went out to sow.”
Matthew 13:3

Most of the time we measure success by results. If the sports team scores higher than their opponents, we call them winners. If the salesman secures new clients, his company offers him a bonus.

Recommended Reading: Matthew 13:18-23

The Parable of the Sower Explained

18 “Therefore hear the parable of the sower: 19 When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and does not understand it, then the wicked onecomes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is he who received seed by the wayside. 20 But he who received the seed on stony places, this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy; 21 yet he has no root in himself, but endures only for a while. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles. 22 Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful. 23 But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

In the parable of the sower, we realize that if we judge strictly by mathematical results, the sower could not possibly be deemed a success, since only a fourth of the seed he sows bears fruit in the end.

We must remember, however, that it is God who makes the seeds grow. We only work on His behalf. While God has chosen to partner with His people to spread His Word, He is the one who produces results. Therefore, when we seemingly win or influence only a small proportion of those with whom we share our faith, we needn’t be discouraged. We’ve done what God has commanded us to do and can do no more.

The apostle Paul reminds us that God only wants us to be faithful and leave the results to Him.

When it comes to sharing our faith, effort really does count.

With God, saying and doing are not two things as they are with men. God will do what He has said.
Matthew Henry

Read-Thru-the-Bible: Exodus 14 – 20


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