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Finding God - 2015 Calendar

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Perhaps Today

Today's Devotion: November 25

Pain and Gain

And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt.”

Genesis 41:41



Recommended Reading

Psalm 105:17-22



Did you hear about the Christian who said his dream was to be a retired missionary? How about the person who wanted to be an author but not a writer? Or the little boy who said he’d like to be the Most Valuable Player on his team? These folks are looking at what only comes after years of work, practice, and suffering. Missionaries have to toil thanklessly, authors have to learn to write, and young athletes must practice repeatedly. It’s a cliché because it is often true: There is no gain without a measure of pain.

Joseph didn’t go to Egypt with his eyes set on becoming Pharaoh’s prime minister. He spent more than a decade as a servant, a steward, a prisoner, and risking his life as an interpreter of Pharaoh’s dreams before God rewarded his faithfulness with a place of honor. Even for Jesus Christ, the cross preceded the crown. Life is all about gaining maturity, and maturity must be tested and perfected through trials.

The path to blessing and honor always goes through the land of testing and obedience. Stay on that path and trust God for where it leads. Be faithful in the little and difficult things on the way.

The vessels of mercy are first seasoned with affliction, and then the wine of glory is poured in.

Thomas Watson


Romans 4–7


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From This Point Forward

From This Point Forward

What would you do if you were the only one in town with a storm cellar and a tornado was approaching in the distance? Would you rush to the cellar alone, or would you alert your family and friends of the coming danger?

No doubt you would act to get your loved ones underground. You’d get on the telephone, urging every friend and neighbor you could to join you in the storm cellar.