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Where to Go in the New Testament When

Where to Go in the New Testament When...

by Dr. David Jeremiah
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The art of being present

Today's Devotion: July 25

Trust in God and Do the Right

Trust in the LORD, and do good.

Psalm 37:3



Recommended Reading

Psalm 37:1-6



It took some courage, but a Texas Girl Scout Troop helped nab a shoplifter while they were selling cookies at a Houston supermarket. From their table near the entrance, they watched a suspicious man wheel his shopping cart out the door and toward the curb. The girls were suspicious because none of the items were in bags and the man looked as if he were trying to sneak out. They alerted authorities who found $2000 in stolen merchandise in the man’s possession—not just groceries but small appliances and alcohol as well. “He was stealing a lot of stuff,” said one girl. “We caught a bad guy.”

Sometimes while minding our own business throughout the course of a day, we’re confronted with a challenge—a wrong to right, a correction to make, a task to finish, or a soul to influence. Most people look the other way, apathetic or frightened. But remember that the word “bold” is a New Testament adjective for God’s people; and the Lord expects us to be of “good courage.”

Having faith will give us courage even when the challenge seems intimidating or the task seems impossible. We must always trust God and do what’s right.

Some will hate thee, some will love thee, some will flatter, some will slight; turn from man, and look above thee; trust in God and do the right.

Norman Macleod, Scottish poet


Isaiah 38–40


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From This Point Forward

From This Point Forward
In 1991 a huge deposit of natural diamonds was found at a location in a remote corner of Canada's Northwest Territory, about 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle. By 1998, the EKATI mine was operational and it was estimated that just one pit would yield an astonishing number of diamonds, seven or eight million carats. In fact, from 1998 through 2009, 40 million carats were produced from the mine's six open pits.