Turning Point continues to broaden the international reach of Dr. Jeremiah's Bible Strong teaching. The translated radio programs can be heard in Spanish, Mandarin, Punjabi, and now Igbo!

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First Broadcast:January 2001
Population Group:500 million +
Reach:23 Countries
Key Countries:South America
Transmission:AM / FM Radio
Potential Audience:500 million +
Length of Program:30 minutes
Voice of Dr. Jeremiah:Miguel Angel Sanchez
del Castillo
Content Cycle:43 series translated
& growing
Broadcast Origin:573 transmitters worldwide

South America

Listen to Turning Point in Spanish
Spanish - High Impact

Momento Decisivo, Turning Point's Spanish ministry, is focused on supporting local, Bible-teaching churches by providing them with materials necessary for spiritual growth and motivating them to active service within the church and their community. Miguel Angel Sanchez del Castillo, Dr. Jeremiah's Spanish voice, and the Momento Decisivo staff are committed to upholding the vision God has given to Dr. Jeremiah to reach the Hispanic people.

Momento Decisivo launched its first broadcast in January 2001 on a handful of stations. By the end of the first year, Momento Decisivo was broadcasting in 21 countries through 175 outlets across the Americas and Spain. Today, Momento Decisivo broadcasts in all 23 Spanish-speaking countries, including the United States. We have 13 book translations in print and nearly 50 series translations. On any given day there are more then 799 programs airing from 573 transmitters around the world, 79 of which are in the United States. Moving forward, we strive to expand programming in cities with a concentrated Hispanic population such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and many cities through Texas.

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