Going Global

Turning Point has seen the need to broaden the international footprint of Dr. David Jeremiah's Bible teaching ministry.

International Expansion

  • Provides greater visibility and presence for Turning Point
  • Maximizes its outreach to the people of the world
  • Fulfills the Great Commission.

Turning Point's Going Global Plan is based on a twenty-first century Great Commission strategy to translate and transmit our programming.

In two important areas:

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Our Reach in English and Spanish

Active Translation

Three language translations have already begun! We are excited that God has provided people willing to support this vital work.

We are now translating into:

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Active Translation

Download a Prayer Guide...

Please join me in prayer for our global outreach!

Download a world map and our “Global Reach” document to guide you as you pray for our growing outreach.

The world needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus, but bringing it to them is a joint effort. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission and bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Will you join me in prayer?

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Download the Prayer Guide