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Turning Points Magazine & Devotional

Today's Devotional: Jun. 28

When We Fail

In Profiles in Courage, John F. Kennedy wrote about George W. Norris of Nebraska, who began his career as a country teacher on the plains of Nebraska. He became a small-town lawyer, then a local prosecuting attorney and judge. In 1903, he entered the U.S. House of Representatives and was later elected to the Senate. Norris was a Republican who took up unpopular causes and fought uphill battles. Near the end of his career, Norris told a friend, “It happens very often that one tries to do something and fails. He feels discouraged, and yet he may discover years afterward that the very effort he made was the reason why somebody else took it up and succeeded. I really believe that whatever use I have been to progressive civilization has been accomplished in the things I failed to do rather than in the things I actually did do.”1

Avoid the temptation of judging others when they fail. God often uses our failures to train us for future opportunities.

Sometimes our failures even become stepping stones of success for others.

I would rather go down to my political grave with a clear conscience than ride in the chariot of victory.
Senator George W. Norris


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