Today's Devotional: Jan. 20th

Effort Counts

Most of the time we measure success by results. If the sports team scores higher than their opponents, we call them winners. If the salesman secures new clients, his company offers him a bonus.


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From David Green, Founder & CEO of Hobby Lobby

"I'm just like you..."

I realize that running a billion-dollar company doesn’t exactly make me just one of the guys from a purely financial standpoint.

Money tends to separate us in our culture, and that’s unfortunate because I’m just like you.

I get up every day, spend time with God, kiss my wife, eat some breakfast, and go to work. I’m just a man. I started my career working retail, stocking shelves. I got married and started a family. I’ve lost sleep wondering about the future of my wife and kids.

Now I’m entering that area of the baton exchange, and I want to do it well. I want us all to do it well.

(from page 139 of Giving It All Away)

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Giving It All Away, by David Green
Dr. Jeremiah interviews Hobby Lobby CEO - As heard on radio

Dr. Jeremiah Interviews Hobby Lobby CEO

As heard on radio

Turning Points Magazine & Devotional

Turning Points Magazine & Devotional

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Benefits of Membership

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Greater Purpose 365-Day Devotional
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2018 - A Year to Live Beyond Amazing

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Travel with David & Donna Jeremiah

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The Hobby Lobby Story

Inside Giving It All Away you'll discover

The Hobby Lobby Story

The immense profits we were enjoying had become a source of worry to me.

I was grateful for them, but I also knew that wealth has to be handled wisely to keep it from being destructive.

I was eager to be wise, and this yearning to do the right thing was keeping me up at night.

One night I was praying about this out in the backyard. All of a sudden, right there under the Oklahoma night sky, something dramatic happened. I sensed God saying to me, ‘This company belongs to me. Don’t you touch it. It’s mine.’ I sensed immediately that my worry about Hobby Lobby was largely because there was too much human effort attempting to steady the ‘ark’ of the company. I truly believed then, as I believe now, that Hobby Lobby is a company God allowed to be born and to endure. I went back in the house and took out a piece of paper. I wrote the following: ‘I own Hobby Lobby. Signed, God.'

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Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

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The Focused Life

Becoming a Christian

Becoming a Christian

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