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Today's Devotional: Aug. 26

“I Don’t Need to Be Saved”

A Senate committee in Canada recently considered a bill to provide greater regulation of prostitution in an effort to thwart human trafficking. A young man testified before the committee. He was a male prostitute who worried the bill would infringe on his rights. He told the senators, “I don’t need to be saved, and all my friends who are in the sex work industry don’t need to be saved.” He said his line of work was “not negative. It’s just a way to make a living.”1

Many people today don’t think they need to be saved. They’ve become accustomed to the darkness and are determined to stay there. As someone said, “The biggest challenge in getting people saved is first getting them lost.”

In John 16, Jesus said it’s the job of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin. As you share the Gospel through life and lip, pray for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to come upon those for whom you’re burdened. Learn to pray: “Lord, open their eyes so they will open their hearts to You.”

We cannot convict men of sin.… But He can. He can make a single word enter the heart like a barbed arrow.
A. B. Simpson, in The Names of Jesus


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