Is This the End? Interview with Dr. Jeremiah

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Is this the End? Book from Dr. David Jeremiah

What does the Bible say about
Immigration, ISIS, Russia, and America?

In this series, Dr. Jeremiah addresses important issues including:

Immigration - Walls and deportation or mercy and amnesty?

Religious Persecution - Jobs lost, businesses bankrupted, and relationships severed

Israel - An occupying force, or an agressor nation?

Russia - Does the Bible mention them specifically as a 'war nation'?

and much more...

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Is This the End?

Signs of God's Providence in a Disturbing New World.

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Is This the End? Interview with Dr. David Jeremiah & Guest Host Sheila Walsh

Dr. Jeremiah's Interview with
Guest Host Sheila Walsh

Dr. Jeremiah sits down to discuss the disturbing events of the world we live in, and
how we as Christians can still see the providence of God through it all.

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