Today's Devotional: Jan 17

Faith and Hope

When counselors encourage their clients to “have faith and hope,” a reasonable response might be, “Faith in what? Hope in what?” For sure, encouraging a discouraged person to have a positive attitude and a bright outlook can be helpful. But in truth, faith and hope are only as good as their object. Which would be wiser when faced with walking across a frozen pond: great faith in a very thin sheet of ice or weak faith in a very thick sheet of ice? If the object of faith is most important, weak faith in a thick sheet of ice would be better and safer.


Hope - An Anchor for Life CD Set
When we lose hope We've lost our secret weapon in life.

Dr. Jeremiah explains how to live a life that overflows with hope.

A ship’s anchor only works it if is embedded in the rock. And the anchor of hope only works if it is embedded in God’s unfailing Word. That’s why so many of us feel hopeless—we’re casting our anchor against the wobbly platitudes of well-meaning friends or the flimsy promises or politicians when what we really need is solid assurance from an unchanging God that our future is secure.

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