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Click here for Today's Daily Devotion, April 2: Always Interceding

Today's Devotion: Apr. 2

Always Interceding

Menwith Hill, in a Yorkshire moor in the north of England, is the world’s largest eavesdropping station in the world....

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A Night of Celebration in New York City

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Alaska Cruise
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Becoming a Christian

Would you like to know how to start your personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Read more...

The Book of Acts - Two Beautiful Resources

The Book of Acts, in riveting detail...

Two beautiful resources: Dr. Jeremiah's new book, plus a beautiful keepsake book, The Book of Acts.

Take your study of Acts to a whole new level and understand the volatile days of the early church like never before.

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A.D. The Revolution that Changed the World

A.D. The Revolution that Changed the World

The NBC Telelvision event A.D. is only the beginning. A.D.'s acclaimed producers wanted more: "The Scripture behind the story." They turned to David Jeremiah. Result: a powerful new teaching book by Dr. David Jeremiah: A.D. The Revolution that Changed the World.

"a sweeping biblical narrative that brings the political intrigue, religious persecution, and emotional turmoil of the Book of Acts to life"

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TV Viewing Guide


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All new microsite

Experience the Book of Acts like never before. Check out the all new microsite!

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The Jeremiah Study Bible

The Jeremiah Study Bible

This extraordinary Bible is the result of 40 years of study by the most widely viewed and respected Bible teacher in the world today. This legacy resource will be the standard for decades to come.

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