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A LIFE OF Self-Discipline

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 Yes Dr. Jeremiah, I identified three areas I'm working to be more self-disciplined.

King Solomon compared self-control to the walls that surrounded ancient cities; the stronger the wall, the more protected the inhabitants. In his message on the self-disciplined life, Dr. Jeremiah continued that comparison by describing the building blocks of a disciplined life.

Just as ancient walls were built for defensive purposes, so a life of self-control defends us against the world, the flesh, and the devil. Even though self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, it is up to us to put the stones in place by good and godly practices. The Spirit provides the power; we provide the choices. And building a disciplined life is a life-long task; walls must be kept in good repair. We must stay committed to spiritual disciplines as well as priorities regarding lifestyle, friends, family, and finances. Our spiritual enemies are relentless, looking for any foothold or advantage.

What are three areas of your life in which you lack self-discipline? Write them down and commit to working on them. Ask the Lord to show you what areas you need to grow in. If you would like another step, memorize a Scripture verse that encourages you, and repeat it to yourself every time you need self-discipline. Ask God for the grace to build a wall of self-control around your heart.

A Life of Self-Discipline

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A Life of Self-Discipline part 1


A Life of Self-Discipline part 1

There are military conflicts all around the world these days. But there’s a battle inside of you every day...

A Life of Self-Discipline part 2


A Life of Self-Discipline part 2

Maybe we struggle with self-control because it sounds like we’re supposed to master it on our own. But that has never been God’s plan.

A Life of Self-Discipline

Whether we are training for a marathon or striving toward a more consistent prayer life, reaching our goals requires self-discipline.

How has God transformed your life through self-discipline?

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