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A LIFE OF Compassion

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 Yes Dr. Jeremiah, I showed compassion to someone in need.

Most people know Jesus’ story about “the good Samaritan.” In Dr. Jeremiah’s message on compassion, he explained how that story illustrates true compassion. In short, compassion is not just a feeling; it is a feeling that leads to action.

In Jesus’ story, a man is laying injured by the side of the road. Two people who could have helped the man passed by without stopping. Then a third person stopped and saw to the injured man’s needs. He took the man to an inn and paid the innkeeper to take care of him, promising to come back in a few days to check on the man’s well-being. Jesus’ point was to illustrate what it means to love your neighbor. But it also shows that part of love is compassion. In fact, we can think of compassion as love in action.

Think of someone that you know of that is in need—it could be the homeless man you drive by every day, a co-worker who is in need of encouragement, or a cashier who is clearly having a bad day. Make the decision to show compassion toward them—in whichever way the Lord tells you. If you don’t know of anyone in need, ask God to show you who He needs you to show compassion toward.

A Life of Compassion

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A Life of Compassion part 1


A Life of Compassion part 1

The greatest influence on your relationship with people is your relationship with God.

A Life of Compassion part 2


A Life of Compassion part 2

How do you define compassion? Is it a feeling like sympathy or pity? Or is it something more?

How has God transformed your life through compassion?

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