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Week 1
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Look Inward Not Upward
Week 1|The Account
The Wyndham Ridgestone team receives their first assignment: persuading people to accept the possibility of Atheism. The idea sounds improbable, but with Kent’s creative direction, the team puts together a subtly convincing ad campaign.
Week 2
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How Do You Picture Jesus?
Week 2|The Account
Jesus is just one of the guys and faith is a convenience, so use your imagination! At least that’s what the Wyndham Ridgestone team states in their new advertisement profaning the name of Jesus.
Week 3
Air Date
Marriage is Not a Cakewalk
Week 3|The Account
During a lunch meeting away from the office, the creative team discusses their newest campaign: making marriage obsolete. Their slogan springs from their personal desire to be able to test drive a marriage before committing.
Week 4
Air Date
Hopelessly Chicken
Week 4|The Account
Working late into the night, the marketing team at Wyndham Ridgestone has hit a creative wall with their new ad promoting moral freedom. But, inspired by their TV dinners, the group lands on their slogan.
Week 5
Air Date
Add a Little Color to Your Black and White
Week 5|The Account
The Client wants to see the Bible marginalized in society. Kent Daniels and the creative team present an ad suggesting truth can be found between the lines of Scripture.
Week 6
Air Date
Steeple Chasing
Week 6|The Account
Joseph’s Sunday trips to the racetrack inspire the new ad that will help make church irrelevant: Church is just another social option for the weekend, there is no shame in congregating elsewhere.
Week 7
Air Date
Beyond the Promised Land
Week 7|The Account
The creative team acts out a commercial they wrote that will soften America’s ties with Israel. Garrett and Pyke can’t imagine this taking place, but the pitch is definitely persuasive.
Week 8
Air Date
Don't Think Twice. You Only Live Once.
Week 8|The Account
The Client wants to control the hearts and minds of individuals. Emboldened by their success, the marketing team pushes the boundaries and creates a vibrant, more modern ad for their final assignment.


Garrett Ridgestone

as played by Richard Willis

Garrett Ridgestone is a founder and partner of Wyndham Ridgestone Ad Agency. Garrett’s dynamic charisma and approachability with the agency’s clients are what has made Wyndham Ridgestone a powerhouse. Garrett is a smooth talking giant in the industry.

Garrett Ridgestone
Pyke Wyndham
Kent Daniels
Wanda St. James
Joseph Grant
Thomas Stephens
Vincent Diaz
Autumn Guthrie
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TV Schedule

January 3, 2016
Week 1 - "Look Inward Not Upward"
January 10, 2016
Week 2 - "How Do You Picture Jesus?"
January 17, 2016
Week 3 - "Marriage is Not a Cakewalk"
January 24, 2016
Week 4 - "Hopelessly Chicken"
January 31, 2016
Week 5 - "Add a Little Color to Your Black and White"
February 7, 2016
Week 6 - "Steeple Chasing"
February 14, 2016
Week 7 - "Beyond the Promised Land"
February 21, 2016
Week 8 - "Don't Think Twice. You Only Live Once."

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

On set during filming

Take a look from off the set of The Account and discover the inner workings of this unique Turning Point Television presentation.

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View the photos
Set Build Timelapse

Watch the set of The Account being built!

Watch the set of The Account being built in about 5 minutes! This time-lapse video will show you how a room at Turning Point’s headquarters was transformed from empty to a television studio!

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