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Today's Devotional: Aug. 31

Counting Sheep

Many children fight sleep, begging to stay up just a little longer, while many adults eagerly count the hours until bedtime. When sleep does not come to the tired, the simple advice of counting sheep may keep our minds occupied from worrying, but counting fluffy creatures does not always lead to sleep. Sleep is relaxing, resting, and letting go. We pause our doing and become still. God in His grace has created us to need sleep and it can draw us closer to Him. Our need for sleep, along with our need for food and water, reminds us of our frailty and His strength.

God never sleeps (Psalm 121:4). He is limitless and has no need of sleep. He delights in drawing close to us and giving us more of Himself and His peace. Whether you sleep through the night or struggle to sleep, God is with you. Tonight, when you lay down to sleep, take a moment to prayerfully give your burdens to God, thanking Him for sleep and the tangible reminder that we can let go and trust Him.

They slumber sweetly whom faith rocks to sleep. No pillow so soft as a promise; no coverlet so warm as an assured interest in Christ.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon


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