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Turning Points Magazine & Devotional

Today's Devotional: Jul. 1

Picture Talk

We use cameras to capture our precious memories: baby’s first smile or our long awaited trip to the Grand Canyon. Looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon is nothing like standing at the brink of it, but the picture can transport our imaginations back to that moment.  

Sometimes we forget to bring our five senses and imagination to Scripture. If we slow down, the word pictures and stories in the Gospels can come to life. We imagine the smell of overturned soil and the warm sun on the back of a farmer as he scatters handfuls of seed. Which seed will grow? Which seed am I? We feel the sudden stillness ringing in the disciples’ ears after Jesus calms the chaotic storm they thought would claim their lives. Where was their faith?  

In their journey with Jesus, the disciples encountered darkness, desperation, disease, and even death. Jesus stands victorious at the end of each of these encounters. His power, kindness, and compassion defeat darkness. He brings light and makes a way even when all seems lost.   

Whenever God calls us to a task, He will equip us and enable us to complete that task.  
Michael Youssef 


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Turning Points Magazine and Devotional

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