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Today's Devotional: Feb. 24th

What Does Love Do? Love Forgives!

Sometimes parents face the awkward dilemma of being caught in an act of hypocrisy. The parent corrects a child’s use of language or behavior and the child responds, “Well, you do that!” The parent is then tempted to say, “Do as I say, not as I do!” There may be times when adult and child behavior can diverge, but not often. When it comes to modeling behavior, actions always speak louder than words.


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Escape the Coming Night - A Message of Hope in a Time of Crisis

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More unsaved people to Christ...

The power of Bible prophecy

More unsaved people to Christ...

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Dr. Jeremiah's Online Prophecy Academy

As you study through the book of Revelation with Dr. Jeremiah on radio and television you won’t want to miss what is happening inside Dr. Jeremiah’s Online Prophecy Academy. On this special website you’ll discover a panorama of prophecy materials that will enhance your understanding of God’s plan for the end of the world and for the rest of eternity.

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The Revelation Prophecy Chart

Dr. Jeremiah's Online Prophecy Academy

Dr. Jeremiah's Online Prophecy Academy

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Panorama of Prophecy Timeline

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