Today's Devotion: Feb. 1

Applause: Crowd Noise

In the Old Testament, an Israelite who owned a Hebrew slave was required to set that slave free after six years of service....


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Alaska Cruise
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Becoming a Christian

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The Jesus Code

52 Questions Every Believer Should Answer

Thought provoking questions every believer should be able to answer.

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Answers to Questions About Spiritual Warfare

A Weapon of
Mass Instruction

Find answers to faith-saving questions about spiritual warfare.

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Spiritual Warfare Set

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How do I arm myself with the girdle of truth?

In order to be armed with the truth, we must know the truth—the whole comprehensive counsel of God. God has put everything He wants us to know between the covers of the Bible—everything He wants us to know about Himself, about His Son, about eternity, and about life....

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The Warrior's Prayer Bookmark

Prepare for Battle
with Prayer

Gain victory in Spiritual Warfare.

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The Jeremiah Study Bible Tutorial

Dr. Jeremiah explains how to get the most out of The Jeremiah Study Bible.

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