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The Upward Call Devotional

The Upward Call Devotional

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Much is discussed—especially in educational settings—about a person’s calling in life. Even those who claim no religious affiliation or faith understand the importance of giving back. But as Christians we have a higher calling—to be in the world helping others, taking care of those less fortunate, and extending God’s love whenever and wherever possible. Brother Andrew, the author of the 1967 book, God’s Smuggler, made this comment in his book, “There is no higher calling, no loftier dream and no greater goal than to live, breathe, and be poured out for Jesus Christ.” To be poured out for God, Christ must be in all of our pursuits. This 366-day devotional is one way to begin. Read the daily Scripture—contemplate the truth found there—and consider the devotional thought that follows. Take time after this devotional to pray, to ask God to help you grow in your walk, to focus your thoughts not on your desires or needs, but on The Upward Call of God—what He would have you do that day. As we allow Him to guide our thoughts, our emotions, and our desires, our perspective changes and we begin looking up toward higher ground, The Upward Call of God on our lives. 392 pages/366 day devotional. New larger font (12). Leather Bound.