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The Book of Acts A.D.

The Book of Acts A.D.

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A.D. The Book of Acts is an inspirational keepsake book, featuring both the Book of Acts and stunning photos from the filming of the NBC A.D. television series in Morocco. In this impressive gift book, Dr. David Jeremiah is your guide through the book of Acts, which tells the true story of the first followers of Jesus. Dr. Jeremiah highlights the people, the places, and the plan of the Book of Acts, showing how God intervened in miraculous ways in order to build a community that would stand the test of time. Discover what motivated and inspired this small group of believers and how the message of Jesus set the world on fire. It’s the beginning of a new era, and you can have a front row seat with A.D. The Book of Acts. Includes: • Book of Acts and Scripture passages about the crucifixion and resurrection • 8 page photo tip-in featuring behind the scenes footage of the television series • Background information about the character, culture, and traditions included in the television series, A.D. 120 pgs.

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