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Quest Devotional Book

Quest Devotional Book

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Have you ever heard someone say that they were on a “quest for perfection”? Perhaps an Olympic athlete or a professional musician has that goal in mind as they work for hours to prepare for an event. Needless to say, we don’t often hear people claim that same desire in their Christian walk. Perhaps it is because within each of us there is the recognition that “we are sinners saved by grace,” and that it is impossible—especially in our own strength—to be perfect. However, a quest is a good thing. Perhaps your personal quest includes the desire to walk more closely with the Lord each day, to understand His Word as never before, and to seek His wisdom and strength when facing the dilemmas of daily life. Quest—Seeking God Daily, offers a Scripture and a thought-provoking devotional for each day of the year. Seek a closer walk with God and be reminded of His faithfulness, His grace, and His goodness. So won’t you join me in the Quest for the coming year? It is a journey well worth taking. Leather Bound Pages: 392