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Hope - An Anchor for Life

Hope - An Anchor for Life

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Depression, despair, and hopelessness are common complaints among those willing to admit how they feel. Far more are too embarrassed to admit they have lost hope. Given the world we live in, it's easy to understand hopelessness. Wars, terrorist attacks, incurable diseases, poverty, natural disasters-how hopeful are these events? Fortunately, the Bible contains a lifetime's (actually an eternity's) worth of reasons to have hope. And in Hope...An Anchor for Life, Dr. Jeremiah explains what they are. Eight valuable lessons shine the light of Scripture on the many reasons, both temporal and eternal, why a hopeful life can be the norm for those who know God through Jesus Christ. Christ has given us a "living hope" that becomes our anchor, keeping us steady when the winds and waves of this life come against us. 8 lessons.