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Course in Courage Booklet

Course in Courage Booklet

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Courage is a path that traverses the peaks(encouragement) and valleys (discouragement) of life. Sometimes we feel bold and strong, and other times our courage sneaks out the back door without a word of warning,leaving us vulnerable and fearful. Your trusted friend in this exercise in courage-keeping is Dr. David Jeremiah. A Course in Courage will lead you through his explorations of eight settings in Scripture where courage was needed-and found. For each you'll find a key passage of Scripture, introductory comments, and then a back-and-forth exercise between you and Dr. Jeremiah: first,his thoughts, then an opportunity for you to record yours. It's the next-best thing to sitting down and having a personal time of enocuragement with one of today's best loved Bible teachers. Booklet.

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